IAdvisor Privacy Notice

Privacy: Important Notice for IAdvisor 529 Plan

The Trustee considers protecting the privacy and security of the nonpublic, personal information it holds concerning each Participant and Beneficiary a top priority. The Trustee has also received assurance from the Program Manager that it is a top priority for the Program Manager. Specifically, both the Trustee and the Program Manager adhere to the following privacy policy for the benefit of current and past Participants and Designated Beneficiaries.

Personal and financial information pertaining to account owners and beneficiaries is not available to the public. However, financial intermediaries through which account owners may contribute may have their own policies regarding confidentiality of this information.

Types of Information Collected

The types of nonpublic, personal information collected by the Trustee, the Program Manager, and nonaffiliated third parties acting on the Program Manager’s behalf may include:

  • Information the Participant or Beneficiary provides to the Advisor Program on the Application or otherwise, such as name, address, and Social Security number;
  • Information the Trustee, the Program Manager, and authorized third parties may acquire as a result of administering an Account, such as transactions (contributions or distributions) or account balance; and
  • Information from third parties that assists us in servicing your account and marketing products to you to better serve your investment goals.

Limitation on Sharing of Information

Iowa State law provides that the Trustee and the Program Manager, acting as its agent, must keep personal and financial information pertaining to an Account Owner or a Beneficiary private, except that the Trustee may release to the appropriate State agency information necessary in determining a Beneficiary’s eligibility for State financial aid for higher education. Neither the Trustee nor the Program Manager will disclose such nonpublic, personal information to anyone except as permitted by law.

The Trustee or the Program Manager may in the future use information about the Participant or Beneficiary to identify and alert the Participant about savings or investment programs that may be of interest to the Participant. If the Participant does not want to receive such information, the participant should call the Program Manager at 1-800-774-5127.


The Trustee and Voya, maintain appropriate physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect this nonpublic, personal information about Participants and Designated Beneficiaries.

IAdvisor 529 Plan
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This privacy notice is excerpted from the IAdvisor 529 Plan Program Description, which contains additional information regarding the Plan and defines certain terms used above.