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The IAdvisor 529 Plan is a customizable, multi-manager plan with flexible pricing that can help you grow your business in a growing segment of the market.

Visit our Holiday Gifting Resource Center for the tools you need to build your business, including gift cards and information on accelerated gifting rules.

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A Growth Opportunity

  • According to, 529 plan balances have reached a record high of just over $352 billion as of year-end 2019. The total number of 529 plan accounts has risen to 14 million

  • With student loan debt reaching over $1.6 trillion1, it is important to find an opportunity for your clients to save

Business-Building Tools

  • College Funding Planner - Translate clients' college savings needs into a manageable number using a database of over 3,500 colleges that takes into account financial aid/loans, multiple children and customizable “what if” scenarios
  • Gift Certificates - Provide to clients to acknowledge birthdays, holidays, graduation gifts or as part of year-end tax planning
  • Literature - Use our materials to explain the value of 529s and make it easy for clients to invest

Plan Flexibility

  • Contributions as low as $50 a month or $25 a pay period per investment option through automatic investing
  • Maximums as high as $420,000 per beneficiary
  • Clients can elect an accelerated gift of up to $75,000 in a single year ($150,000 if married, filing jointly) and treat it as if it was made over a five-year period2
  • The account owner maintains control of the assets including the ability to change the beneficiary to another family member3
  • Parents can control assets

Investment Flexibility

  • Age-Based Option that automatically gets more conservative as child approaches college age
  • Four static static-allocation options
  • Create your own portfolios from 11 single fund options

U.S. Federal Reserve March 2020 Consumer Credit Report G.19, Released May 07 2020

In the event the contributor does not survive the five-year period, a pro-rated amount will revert back to the contributor’s taxable estate.

Please see the Program Description for definition of a “family member.”