College Funding Planner

College Funding Planner (CFP) is a self-contained prospecting tool that can customize various college planning scenarios for clients with your name and logo. This engaging, highly interactive tool uses a database of over 3,500 Title IV colleges to help prospects determine college funding costs goals, gaps in savings, and what it will take to get on track to meet their goals. Allowing users to input data for up to five children and for a variety of “what if” scenarios (such as financial aid), CFP projects costs in the investor’s timeframe, estimating the additional monthly and lump-sum savings amounts needed to close any gaps.

The tool generates a report that also includes an overview of IAdvisor and an account application and can be customized with your contact information and company logo. All you need to do is provide your clients with a report customized to their situation and they can set up an account.