A Convenient Way to Invest

The IAdvisor 529 Plan aligns the flexibility of 529 plans—the wide range of contributors, the high contribution limits, the low minimums—with a choice of investments that match the many different ways people plan and invest. Working with your Financial Advisor, you can tailor your portfolio to your particular situation with investments that feature some of the largest and most respected investment management firms. Investment methods are just as flexible; you can purchase by phone or online, automatically for as low as $50 per month, or roll over from another 529 plan.

Three Ways to Invest

  • By Age - The age-based option starts with a higher allocation to equity funds and automatically becomes more conservative as the beneficiary gets closer to college
  • By Risk Level - Select a static asset allocation option based on your individual risk tolerance from among five distinct risk-based portfolios
  • By Building Your Own Portfolio - The IAdvisor 529 Plan single fund options let you and your Financial Advisor create your own portfolio from a broad mix of asset classes, investment styles and world-class managers

The Strength of a Multi-Manager Program

  • The IAdvisor 529 Plan provides access to some of the leading and most respected asset managers in the world, names like Lazard, Voya and Wellington Management

  • Voya Investment Management’s Multi-Asset Strategies and Solutions (MASS) team selects managers, performs custom risk analysis and monitors the underlying portfolios on an ongoing basis

Investing Convenience

  • Purchases can be made by phone or online
  • An automatic investment plan (AIP) can be established with minimums as low as $50 a month per investment option
  • Payroll direct deposit can be set up with minimums as low as $25 a pay period per investment option
  • You can rollover assets from other 529 plans, Coverdell Savings Plans (formerly Education IRAs) and qualified U.S. savings bonds (series EE and I)
  • Easy to Establish an Account