Three Ways to Invest

Investing is not true or false, but multiple choice. People simply need to invest in different ways. The IAdvisor 529 Plan offers a full spectrum of possibilities, from the simplicity of allocations that change automatically as the child gets older, to more personalized, risk-based options, to the complete flexibility of single investment options for personalized investing. Your Financial Advisor can help you tailor the investment solution to your particular needs.

Three Ways to Invest

By Age - The age-based option starts with a higher allocation to equity funds and automatically becomes more conservative as the beneficiary gets closer to college

By Risk Level - Select a static asset allocation option based on your individual risk tolerance from among five distinct risk-based portfolios

By Building Your Own Portfolio - The IAdvisor 529 Plan single fund options let you and your Financial Advisor create your own portfolio from a broad mix of asset classes, investment styles and well-recognized asset managers